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Why is the Microsoft Surface such an awesome gaming experience? August 22, 2013

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Microsoft @Surface is asking its Twitter followers why the Surface is such an awesome gaming experience.

I have used a Surface running Win RT, so I thought I give my two cents on the gaming experience.

First, I like the ability use multiple different types of controls. I got a chance to play Halo: Spartan Assault, and the game play was fantastic. I originally said to myself “how are you going to pull off a good third person shooter with touch controls?”

Well, I can honestly say they nailed it off. Your left thumb is used to move move the Spartan while your right thumb is used to both shoot and aim. The Surface’s screen is a great virtual joystick. I also liked the fact that there was no joystick overlay telling the gamer where they had to put their thumbs. You place them were they are most comfortable and that is the center of the joystick. Need to throw a grenade? The button easily within reach of your thumb. Don’t like touch controls? That’s OK, because Halo: Spartan Assault works with keyboard and mouse as well, and the Surface supports both.

The next item that makes the Surface a great gaming experience is Xbox Live. I enjoy being able to earn achievements and compete with my friends. Having a metric to see who progressed through the game further / with more difficulty is a lot of fun.

The Surface is also compact. I brought it one once while traveling, and it fit great on an airplane in my cramped coach seat. It’s built-in kickstand allowed me to set it up on the tray table and continue destroying piggies in Angry Birds: Star Wars.

Finally, I like that you can quit out of Halo: Spartan Assault on the Surface, and pick right back up where you left off on your Windows Phone. I hope to see more developers dual release for both platforms and offer this same functionality. Beating Angry Birds twice is not as enjoyable.



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